November 2017 SSC Minutes

San Diego Unified School District

Juarez Elementary School

SSC Meeting

Date: November 9, 2017




Action Requested of SSC Members

1. Call to Order

  • SSC Chairperson
  • Informational - call to order 8:18 am

2. LCAP Survey

  • Informational - SSC will give input around District's LCAP
  • Informational - SSC discussed LCAP and the actions that we felt were not or were successful for student. The discussion ensued about the amount of funds used for teacher recruitment. Oluwa discussed how we do not see that money outright, and that there are not an abundance of teachers who hold the BLA credential in order to staff a DL program. Discussion ensued about the amount of money put into the SCCC and if that is beneficial. IS stated that staff does not necessarily care for it, SO stated that as educators, we need to be flexible in our learning so that we can be responsive to student levels. These cycles are the way that we must be able to assess, plan, teach, review. If the staff is not coming to assist, we are responsible for doing this work on our own. It is a support that is necessary to be responsive.
  • JM asked about the possibility of level based classrooms, rather than age based classrooms.

3. Public Commentp

  • Informational: N/A - Meeting Called at 9:13am

Next Scheduled SSC Meeting: December 11, 2017   Posted November 6, 2017

8:15-9:15 p.m., Library

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