March 6, 2012 SSC Agenda/Minutes


Benito JuarezElementary School




Tuesday, March 6, 2012

8:15 am


SSC Members

Parent Members: Teacher Members: Staff Members: Principal:
Kirsty Holland (chair)* Claudia Walters* Treasure Love* Marceline Marques
Mike Butler* Brenna Kielty
Carmen Sanchez* Maureen McGowan*
Janeen Stastny*
Ken Stastny*

Instructional Leadership Team Members:

Wendy Culver*

Brenna Kielty

Maureen McGowan

Linda Olson

Marilyn Tilos*

Claudia Walters

Michael Wilson

Site Governance Team (* Next to Name)

Mary Chicorel/Patricia Leming*

I. Welcome

Meeting convened at 8:17 by chair Holland.

II. Approval of Minutes from 02/06/12 Meeting

Motion to approve (Walters), seconded (Kielty), and approved by unanimous vote.

III. Parent Membership Vote to Replace Butler with Ellsworth

Motion to replace Butler with Artina Ellsworth (Love), seconded (Holland), and approved unanimously.

IV. Current Budget Review

Marques reported that the monthly budget summary is being posted on the site website on the Parent Page link for SSC. Budget summary reviewed.

V. Benchmark Results Review

Due to some delays with Data Director, only the literacy benchmark results were available. Marques shared literacy data with attendees. Math results will be reviewed at future meeting. Teachers will meet and plan using benchmark data. Benchmark results are good predictors of CST results.

VI. SSC Statement Regarding District Waiver Request to CDE Regarding Class Size

  1. Neutral, In Favor, or Opposing the Waiver
  2. Comments or Objections

Marques shared the District Waiver request which was discussed by attendees. Agenda item deferred to future meeting so that committee members could research implications of waiver and base a decision on more information.

VII. Reports

a. DAC (Walters)

Agenda item deferred.

b. ELAC (Kielty)

Kielty reported that ELAC was focusing on improving school attendance by offering a monthly incentive to students with perfect attendance.

VIII. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn (Holland), seconded (Love), and approved unanimously.

Next meeting: A special meeting of the SSC/SGT/ILT will be held on Thursday, March 22 (Agenda items: SSC Statement Regarding District Waiver Request to CDE Regarding Class Size, DAC report)

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