May 2013 SSC Agenda/Minutes

Benito Juarez Elementary School


Monday, May 20, 2013

8:15 am

Parent Room



SSC Members:

Parent Members: Teacher Members: Staff Members: Principal:
Kirsty Holland (chair) Claudine Gressel Treasure Love Marceline Marques
Artina Ellsworth Maureen McGowan
Dallas Dumont Claudia Walters
Ken Stastny
Aimee Bachelor

I. Welcome

Meeting convened by Marques at 8:17 in absence of chair, Holland.

II. Review/Approval of Minutes from 04/18/13

Motion to approve minutes by Gressel, seconded by Walters, and approved unanimously.

III. Budget Adjustments Approvals

Categorical budgets reviewed including 30100 Title I, 70900 EIA SCE, and 70910 EIA LEP.

Transfer needs to balance:


$14689 to 1157 from 1107

$926 from 1162, $270 from 1192, and $13 from 2281 to 4301 Supplies

Move negative in Supplies and Software License to other resource to cover.


$1749.88 from 1109 to 4301 Supplies

$3448.54 from 3461 to 4301 Supplies

Motion by Love to approve all budget analyst transfers and adjustments within categorical budgets to balance, seconded by McGowan, and approved unanimously.

IV. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 8:32 by Walters, seconded by Gressel, and approved unanimously.

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