A 90-10 Spanish immersion program is an educational approach designed to immerse students in the Spanish language for a significant portion of their instructional time. The "90-10" refers to the distribution of language use in the classroom, where 90% of instruction is conducted in Spanish and 10% in the students' native language, typically English.

In this type of program, students are exposed to Spanish from the beginning of their schooling, fostering natural language acquisition and fluency. The goal is to develop bilingualism and biliteracy, where students become proficient in both Spanish and their native language.

The structure of a 90-10 Spanish immersion program typically evolves as students progress through their schooling. In the early years, such as kindergarten and first grade, nearly all instruction is conducted in Spanish. As students advance, more English language instruction is gradually introduced until a balanced bilingual approach is achieved.

The curriculum in a 90-10 Spanish immersion program often incorporates cultural elements from Spanish-speaking countries to provide a holistic understanding of the language and its cultural context. Teachers in these programs are typically bilingual and trained in language immersion pedagogy.

Overall, a 90-10 Spanish immersion program offers students a comprehensive and intensive language learning experience, preparing them to communicate effectively in both Spanish and their native language while fostering appreciation for linguistic and cultural diversity.
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